Momentum is the key to accomplishment.

Kick-start your momentum with small steps.

In Taking Small Steps, you will remind yourself that in order to live more intentionally and begin your journey of mastery, you need to break goals down. And then you might need to break it down again. And again. This is a process that will, over time, become a habit. However, it takes practice! This is why we are on a journey of mastery, not a race to the finish line.

There are five main steps in this course:
  1. Breaking down your goals into smaller pieces
  2. Determining your milestones along the way
  3. Choosing one, reliable to-do list
  4. Determining your next actions
  5. Celebrating along the way

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 2: Taking Small Steps

    • Overview

    • Step 1: Break It Down

    • Step 2: Determine Your Milestones

    • Step 3: One, Reliable To-Do List

    • Step 4: Next Physical Actions

    • Step 5: Celebrate More

    • BONUS PM NINJA MOVE: Immunity To Change

    • BONUS PM NINJA MOVE: Mastering Self Discipline

    • Copy of BONUS PM NINJA MOVE: 10 Daily Habits

About the Instructor

Moxy Founder & Coach

Jen Bertsch

Jen has been helping leaders develop others for over 12 years. She is known for her engaging style and has a natural talent for asking tough questions that get straight to the heart of an issue. By helping leaders create work environments that others thrive in, she helps businesses grow profits without sacrificing the personal lives of everyone involved.

In her online course, LeadWell, she trains leaders to integrate coaching skills so they can truly empower others to take charge and make the change that drive the results they seek, both professionally and personally.

She speaks to organizations about creating cultures that foster independence, innovation and increases in the bottom-line.

She launched one of Minnesota’s first young professionals organizations in 2005 while working at the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, earning her the Duluth News Tribune’s 20 Under 40 Award in 2008.

Choose Your Priorities!

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by your list? You get started strong but get stuck? Small Steps is chock full of the tools, tips and coaching questions that will be the momentum-maker you need.