How Are You Spending Your Time?

Free Up Space is about getting the energy you need to take on your plan. It’s about looking for your best yes's and getting comfy saying no. It’s about designing rules that keep you focused on what matters to you, in this season, and having the courage to follow them.

This course is dedicated to giving you anecdotes and tools to help you free up space in your environment and mind, so you can grow into more of who you were created to be.

Four steps you’ll tackle in Free Up Space:

  1. Reflection on how you are spending your time.
  2. Reviewing how you are/are not prioritizing and building the habit of priority thinking.
  3. Examining what you are tolerating and pin-pointing what to eliminate that is stealing your energy.
  4. Looking at what your boundaries are and how you are/are not protecting them.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 3: Free Up Space

    • Overview

    • 1A: How Are You Spending Your Time?

    • 1B: The Art of Purposeful Abandonment

    • 2: Priorities. First Things First

    • 3: What Are You Putting up With?

    • 4: Boundaries

    • BONUS PM NINJA MOVE: Control Your Email, Don't Let It Control You

    • BONUS PM NINJA MOVE: Is Your Reserve Tank On Empty

About the Instructor

Moxy Founder & Coach

Jen Bertsch

Jen has been helping leaders develop others for over 12 years. She is known for her engaging style and has a natural talent for asking tough questions that get straight to the heart of an issue. By helping leaders create work environments that others thrive in, she helps businesses grow profits without sacrificing the personal lives of everyone involved.

In her online course, LeadWell, she trains leaders to integrate coaching skills so they can truly empower others to take charge and make the change that drive the results they seek, both professionally and personally.

She speaks to organizations about creating cultures that foster independence, innovation and increases in the bottom-line.

She launched one of Minnesota’s first young professionals organizations in 2005 while working at the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, earning her the Duluth News Tribune’s 20 Under 40 Award in 2008.

Get Purposeful With Your Time

You need time to plan. More than you realize. This course will equip you to make the kind of impact you dream about. It all starts with realizing you are in control of what you fill your days with.